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Feb 20, 2017
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A Mad Man's Diary – Anthony Igbinosun

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I am the king of these streets

When I walk amongst lesser humans

They turn around and with O-shaped mouths,

Make way for me quickly.

Excuse my peeping genitalia.

My royal costume was tailored like that.

I am not a goat because I eat grass

I am more of an unconventional vegetarian.

I am the only free man here,

No worry can worry me.

I am free like a bird, intoxicated when-

with delight-I snort the cocaine of roadside dust.

I am only misunderstood, not mad

My tangled dreadlocks mirror

my complex thought patterns.

I am the only one in this mental maze.

But I’m not one of a kind

Sometimes I meet my kinsfolk

Over a meal of dustbin goodies,

similarly enlightened in a world of fools.

You call me mad?

You left your husband for another man.

Yet, your muffled sobs can be overheard

As you peruse his pictures every night.

You call me mad?

You have big friends, cars and a sprawling mansion.

Yet, a creaking floor, a squeaking door

gets you trembling in your self-imposed prison.

Bring it on!

Arouse no fear in me.

My world transcends sedatives

I am a free bird of mental proportions.

Poet’s Bio – Osarumwense Anthony Igbinosun is an Edo born writer, blogger, founder and editor-in-chief of  Ablaze Magazine, a publication which places a lot of focus on healing marriages and relationships. Born and bred in Ibadan, he was greatly influenced by Wole Soyinka’s Ibadan: The Penkelemes Years and Ben Okri’sThe Famished Road. When he’s not penning down poems or stories, loves research on cutting-edge technology or watching Chlesea Football Club matches. He lives in Lagos with his medical doctor wife, Chiagoziem.



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