Feb 20 / Labarin Healed (A Poem) -Tsehemba Terdoo Deborah

I knew I was completely healed

When the sight of her bow-legs didn’t invoke


To my mind like a busy witch doctor

Who summons spirits in a stainless calabash.


Like the woman with the issue of blood,

I knew I was made whole when the smile

The exposed the gap in his teeth

Failed to dredge up memories of a long lost face

In a sea of forgotten faces

An impairment of speech

Melted wobbly knees knocked together.


I knew I was free

For the first time

I failed to realize the reason to allow a dead memory

Render me cold and emotionless

Not to see this gorgeous awesomeness wrapped


This wonderful package – Me


Dead, to me you are.

Finally exorcised

No longer to occupy my left shoulder whispering

Lies dressed as truth.


I forgive myself

For all the time it took

Figure it out.


Something special like ME

Brought the healing and


Author’s Bio – Tsehemba Terdoo Deborah is a Nigerian writer and poet who doubles as a kindergarten teacher besotted with children. She lives in Makurdi, Nigeria.
Photograph: pixabay.com