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Mar 13, 2017
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Crawling To My Death (A Poem) – Levi Cheruo

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A JUBILEE of eternal waiting

Trudging up the thorny hills


To commemorate our hard-worn independence

My empty stomach

A six-month pregnant wife and ten hungry children

Urge me on

“Don’t give up, Pa’, not just yet!”

The sun is especially hot

But its taunting rays

The persecuting glare

And the wicked smile…

Takes getting used to

A dozen miles now

The finish line appears with waving hands

I see MASTER wave from the window of his limousine,

His healthy face beams with excitement

I look behind

There is no sign of anything living.

“Don’t give up, not just yet!”

I whisper.

One meter to the finish line,

The doors and windows of my mind

Bang shut

Ignoring the sharp pain in my torn limbs,

The piercing cry of my toddler daughter

Scratching away at her Kwashiorkor tummy,

And pushing my frail and emaciated bag of bones forward.

“Congratulations!” Master says, “You made your country proud!”

He hands me

A national flag,

A copy of the constitution

And a poorly made copy of the National Patriotic Party Manifesto!

“Is that all”, I stutter, “Where is the ONE MILLION WINNER’S PRICE?”

Master bends and whispers at my sweat-drenched left shoulder,

“This is Kenya, son! The organizers ate your prize!”

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Author’s Bio – Levi Cheruo is a graduate of the University of Nairobi and currently pursuing a second degree in Mass Communication at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology alongside a Master’s Degree in Pure Math: How Propositional Logic Can be used in Solving Satisfiability Problems at the University of Nairobi. Levi can be contacted for POD Publishing and Ghostwriting at or visit to get a dose of his poetic genius.

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