Apr 21 / Labarin 5 Poems by Amol Redij

  1. The Almighty Kidnapper

Everything was sailing fine

When one day, He came,

And said she’s mine.

Smiled at me, took her away.

A skinny man, dying nailed,

He pinched my hollow heart,

As silently in a corner,

I ailed.

(published earlier in Silent Moments of Melancholy)

2. Sepia

A monsoon sunset;

the gold is fading now,

turning into a pale.

Dreary winds around,

make the lusty rose petals

turn brown,

with all the nectar dried up.

The icy blue pebbles,

now melt, and sweep away

under the lashes of cruel black wands.

Colourless rain lashes,

the pink tip that once lived

our lives.

My eyes too are pierced now

with memories of forever, for

it all is soon turning grey;

Yet the picture is alluring,

and I call it


3. Victim

I have lived in fear –

a beggar woman – tanned

in those harsh sunny days,

when lips parched, throat

slit with arid hunger pangs.

I lived in pity, disgrace

looking at my tiny children

die on my cosy bed

made of rags, laid on a

piercing stony pavement.

I wished I had died then,

for I’d lost the love, my purpose.

Yet, I lived, until today, now –

with all tan now charcoaled

and wrinkled patchy skin,

dying sagging breasts,

clothes all torn, tattered.

With a rag only to wrap,

you men make me proud,

I still seem to be a belonging

of your eyes full of lust.

4. Garland

The marigold garland
covers sagging hairy nipples of an old man-

adorned in long grey hair, – bursting a lusty smile;

through a dusty photo frame
surrounded with disciplined
red ants, and the smoke of
the divine lamp under which
sits a living lady with open breasts begging milk
for her little one.

Hunger satiated of busy worshippers, with greedy looks

at her bosom, they drown the frame in marigold petals.

5. Home

At home, I feel now,

for echoes I hear all around.

I also sense the silence

of the drying clothes line-

that once was dying

But again now, I smell the

fragrance of laundry –

piled for so long. It is time

to iron the creases, the dirt

wasn’t ever there, we know.

Author’s Bio – Amol Redij is an Indian short filmmaker and published poet with two collections of poetry, “The Silent Moments of Melancholy (2011) and “69: The OtherWise Poetry (2014). His poems have been published in anthologies like – The Dance of the Peacock, Galaxy: International Multidisciplinary Research Journal to name a few.