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Jun 17, 2017
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Poems by Kundai Edward Pfumayaramba

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I always ask myself
Am I a form of an unevolved species of hominid
It seems people of my colour are always in need
Are we that inferior we follow their lead
I feel the wretchedness, throbbing of my people,
I feel my heart bleed
I am not growing a seed of hatred,
I am just asking why people of my colour are so miserable
They rated my I.Q clown
So colour blind
For those many injustices all I want to see is retribution
Nothing seems to go right, adversity after adversity befalls us
She was a proud Mandinka lady,
They told her name wasn’t Aminata but Emily
Raped her, deflowered this beautiful flame lily
Forced her to leave Senegal
Trodden and manacled by men coming from far north as Gaul
We lived our lives free from bigotry, as embryonic as it was,
They came with the biggest of their ships, told us we were savages
In large hoards their ships came and took us, working for no wages
We were kept under lock and key like lions in cages
As embryonic as were my forefathers, there were no savages,
We welcomed them here with open arms
All I want is our dignity salvaged.
Dark Tides

Water swirls up my neck
I scream
Knee-jerk reaction
Maybe its Karma but all my life i was a jerk
I always thought I would always be on top of the deck
Lying on the ocean floor on my back
The cold ocean tides sweep across my feet.
Regret cloud my line of thought
I am Robin Crusoe without Friday
No one picked up my Mayday
No one was there to help me
I guess the last laugh was with the fat lady
My thought was that everything would remain sweat and candy
I am sinking from the tides of Hurricane Sandy
I lived my life like tomorrow never existed
Resisting all form of advice
But now I float on a wooden plank
Two words describe the way I lived “Daft and Punk”.
My Nubian Enchantress
In a blink of an eye I am somewhere new
A place like none i have been to
It’s a place where imagination meets reality
Where dreams become truth
One thing stands out in this place
It’s more precious than the lost mines of King Solomon
The thing is Alitash my Nubian queen, my partner for matrimony
My Nubian queen and I will live together in harmony
We will live together without fear of alimony
Before I met my Nubian queen I was somewhere
A place where love is non-existent
Never was I ever happy in this place
Let me never open my eyes
Because I am happy in this place
Love blossoms like unkempt blackjack
May I not lose you
May I find you always my precious
Alitash my Nubian Enchantress

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