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Rates Card

Advertising Positions

1. Sponsored Posts

  • large 820px wide space for your advert
  • runs in the main stream of the site which attracts the most activity and interest
  • on site indefinitely
  • on front page for 2 weeks
  • links to chosen website
  • includes an announcement over our social networks
  • maximum of two banners run per week

2. side-banner

  • 160 x 80 pixels space
  • links directly to your chosen website
  • permanently on front page

3. banner ads

  • banner ads run between articles and appear on every page
  • banner ads measure 820px x 103px
  • can include animated content in the form of a gif

4. social media announcements

  • extra mentions over our social media channels

technical information

  • sponsored posts must be submitted five working days before they are to be run together with the URL they are directing to
  • sponsored posts should be supplied 820px wide, maximum file initial size : 300k
  • sidebar ads should be 160 x 80 pixels high
  • banner ads should be 820 x 103 pixels high
  • acceptable file types: .jpg .gif
  • all adverts are reviewed and inclusion on the site is not guaranteed

To book, email: